Making buildings safer.

The CosaTron Advantage

Breathe easy
and spend less

CosaTron is the most effective way to minimize contaminants in a building. It does this by controlling and eliminating dangerous airborne particles, which leads to safer buildings—and reduced energy costs.

Control, remove
and reduce particles

We use a patented high-tech system to clean indoor air. Our technology increases the size of airborne particulates in a given space, allowing them to be transported and filtered out by your HVAC system.

CosaTron equipment produces zero CO2 and zero ozone

CosaTron is the only technology that produces no negative side effects while controlling the particulates generated from chemical, biological contaminants and poor ventilation.

The CosaTron

CosaTron technology increases particle size—which, in turn, helps those particles absorb more VOCs, gases and odors. These larger particles are then easier to remove with standard HVAC filters.

Live Air Quality Monitor

Coming soon…

Real time monitoring keeps buildings cleaner and safer

By monitoring indoor air quality, CosaTron systems can help control contaminants in all types of buildings. Our monitors allow building engineers, property owners and safety managers to see real-time changes in air quality.

This continuous monitoring of the air inside your building ensures that safety targets are being reached and that occupants are being kept safe from pollutants, gases, viruses and other organic compounds.