CosaTron offers commercial customers a wide variety of systems from one room light duty specialist applications to large scale heavy duty systems that can accommodate any design specification.

Every CosaTron system uses the same patented air quality technology to remove pollutants and contaminants to improve indoor air quality. Every system are designed to work with existing HVAC systems. CosaTron offers:


Series 1000

for custom design applications within new and existing HVAC Systems

Series 4000

Series 4000

custom designed systems for use with down flow HVAC systems, common in high-tech applications such as computer rooms, server farms and laboratories

Series 2000

Series 2000

for use in HVAC systems up to 40 tonnes.


Light Duty Commercial

a specialist unit for use with 3-5 tonne HVAC systems.


Series 3000

self contained fan units that can be used independently and anywhere in a building.